Why organics?2018-03-16T10:49:01-05:00

Most people want organic lawn care because they don’t want toxic chemicals on their lawns. The most common concerns we hear from our customers include children, pets, wildlife, the environment, and personal health.

Many pesticides that have been banned in Europe and in Canada are still being used here. Organics offer viable options for those wanting peace of mind for their families and their environment.

Does organic lawn care work as well as chemical lawn services?2018-03-16T10:48:51-05:00

Organic lawn care, if done properly, works better than conventional chemical methods. Organically produced microbes relieve soil compaction, make nutrients available for grass, and let water, air and nutrients penetrate the soil to make roots grow deeper. The result is a healthier lawn, no chemicals, and less work in the long run.

What about weed control?2018-03-16T10:48:41-05:00

Weeds are a symptom of a problem in the soil. Dandelions love compaction, creeping Charlie likes a pH imbalance and clover thrives in low nitrogen conditions. The answer is simple: correct the soil problem and the weeds go away. The microbial life available in the fertilizers, compost tea and other organic products we use relieve and correct most weed-generating soil problems.

Are organic products harmful?2018-03-16T10:48:31-05:00

When used in a manner consistent with manufacturer guidelines all organic products are safe. Bob sometimes brings his daughter along when doing applications. If there were any risk, he wouldn’t let her near the truck.

My lawn is in terrible shape. Can organics handle challenging lawns like mine?2018-03-16T10:47:57-05:00

We approach every lawn as a renovation project because there is typically very little microbial activity in most urban soils. We then replace the most damaged areas of lawn and overseed new grasses into your lawn on a regular basis to thicken the turf and introduce low maintenance and drought resistant varieties. The result is a healthy, chemical free lawn.

Do organics cost more than chemicals?2018-03-16T10:47:38-05:00

In the first 2-3 years of heavy soil correction, organics may cost more than chemicals. However, once the soil is balanced and healthy, it can be maintained with only a few applications per year resulting in lower costs in the long run.

Do organic products smell?2018-03-16T10:47:18-05:00

The organic products we use do not have unpleasant odors. Our compost tea smells like wet fall leaves. Any smells that are present dissipate in about an hour and are preferred over the unmistakable odor of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides.

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