Illustrating Victory Gardens

As so often happens in uncertain times, whether it is war, economic turmoil, or a pandemic, people want to start raising their own food. The slightest hint of food insecurity creates an urge to control part of our food supply.  Many of us turn to veggie gardens, or as they were called during WWII, Victory Gardens, to supplement our food supply. Organic Bob has several types of Victory Gardens so one is sure to be a good fit for you.

First Option:

Our all cedar raised beds, were originally created for people with contaminated soil in their yards. Designed to contain healthy soil, maximize space, and extend the growing season, these beds are versatile, long lasting and attractive. There is no hardware, you simply stack the boards up, fill with our soil blend and start to grow. The soil is clean and requires very little weeding. 

There is a version of these beds called potato towers, that allow you to get lots of yummy spuds from a very small footprint. They are 2′ square and either 3′ or 4′ tall (interior measurement). As you assemble the tower, you fill it with soil, plant 3 seed potato pieces by the lower edges, so they can grow towards the light. Place a 2″ layer of straw and cover it with soil. Add another layer of 2 boards, top off with soil and plant 3 more potato pieces on opposite sides where they can grow out to the light. Layer on more soil, straw and repeat, all the way up. On the top of the bed, you can plant potatoes over the entire surface, about 12 – 16 potatoes.

Here’s a hint for a longer harvest:
Plant varieties that take longer to mature on the bottom rows and earlier cultivars towards the top. When the foliage has been dead a couple of weeks, you can remove boards and pick out potatoes from the straw and soil. Then wait for the next batch to die off and harvest those just as easily. 

Want another super secret hint?

Use the potato tower as a strawberry tower! Plant different varieties of day neutral (everbearing) on each side and harvest from June to October.

These beds are also productive as all get out!

Here are the different Victory Garden size options:

  • Our most popular Victory Gardens are the Large and Small Cedar Beds which are available with the internal dimensions of 4x4x2 and 4x4x1.  Add 1’ for external measurements (6” per side).
  • We also have potato towers available in the internal dimensions of 2x2x3 and 2x2x4.  Add 1’ for external measurements (6” per side).

Second Option:

An Organic Bob crew will to come to your house and strip off the sod, add compost and till the bed. You will have a nice fluffy soil to begin planting immediately.

Third Option:

One of our crews to come and create a bed with Aerobic Compost Tea (think healthy soil probiotics), cardboard, and an inch or two of rich topsoil. We layer these on your lawn, and you can plant greens and shallow rooted veggies immediately. Over the next 2 or 3 weeks the cardboard will smother the grass and the microbes in the Aerobic Compost Tea will eat up the dead grass, any weed seeds or other organic matter (like cardboard) and till and soften the soil and leave it rich and fertile for whatever else you may want to plant.


Contact us and we will have an Organic Bob Sales Activist call you to help you find the sunshine and the best Victory Garden setup for you and your family. From now until Memorial Day (May 25th), we are offering a 5% off discount for all of our Victory Garden services, to honor those workers on the front lines of the COVID 19 response and the rest of us who are cheering them on! We are all in this together, so let’s raise some food that we can hopefully eat together this fall.